The Gym

Hello Friends...if any of you are still out there!

After 10 months of silence of Allison's Randomness...I thought I would write a post.  Not sure how long this thingy will be active...so until then, enjoy!

Have a great rest of the week!



Dear Loyal Readers,

I have missed you. I know I have been M.I.A. At the beginning of the year, I found out I was pregnant...and suddenly all my creative blogging-juices were gone. I tried to keep up, but nothing was there. These days, you will find me feeding my newborn and late night blog stalking.

I don't know if or when "allison's randomness" will ever get back to normal. So for now, I will continue to be M.I.A. on this site.

If you want o see what's going on personally, go to http://viewfromthemeadows.blogspot.com or twitter.com/randomallison


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Tuesday Shoesday

I love fall.
It is my favorite time of the year.
It means time for long sleeves, scarves, and BOOTS!



Tuesday Shoesday

Happy Halloween Week!



Guess Who Is Pregnant?

Not me...b/c I had my baby!

Moving on...

Jessica Simpson is rumored to be pregnant just 2 months before her wedding.  Since Nick Lachey beat her to the wedding, do you think she wanted to beat him to kids?

Congrats Jess!



Celeb News

Today was a big day in celeb news...

They Broke Up:

This one is a bit shocking to me!

and they are expecting another child:
Mazel to them!




I don't care if you like Anderson Cooper or not.  This will make you laugh.
Best giggle ever!
Happy Friday.


Melba's Mini-Bachelorette Party

Two weeks ago, a few friends and I hosted a mini-bachelorette/lingerie shower for our friend Melba.  We were so excited to get all the ladies together...and I loved that we were able to use the house!!

YAY for the bride-to-be!




Over the weekend, some friends from work and I hosted a bachelorette party at my house.  The Bride-to-be's nickname is "Sassy MP", so it was very fitting that we got her a sassy cake. 
How cute is this cake from HomeStyle Bakery?

No only is it cute, it's affordable, and so YUMMY!




Last December, I bought tickets to go see N.K.O.T.B.S.B.  Though the concert was over 7 months away, I didn't care.  I needed to be the first one to get tickets.  I rounded up friends, did the pre-sale, and got my tickets.  Little did I know, I would be 7 months pregnant for the show.  Did it stop me? Hell no!  The baby needs to be exposed to such fab music!

I knew this show would be such a fun night out with my gals...it has in the past.  Saw New Kids in 3rd with 3 girlfriends {and my dad}, then again 2 years ago with another girlfriend.  In high school, I saw the Backstreet Boys in concert 3 years in a row...with girlfriends, of course.

Let me just tell you...it was amazing!  I didn't sit down the whole time. I felt like I was on "16 and Pregnant" b/c it was like high school all over again.  My 16 year-old-self and my 29 year-old-pregnant-self collided!  Until I birth this baby, this was the highlight of my year!

Jordain Sparks opened. She looked and sounded great!
Lucky Biotch!


Seriously, I am in heaven!  
Kim getting really excited...but amping it up a bit for the camera! 
My ladies...including the sparkly baby bump! 
Thanks for such a wonderful night ladies!  
PS paige & whitney stole this popcorn, tried to pass it around like a "beach ball" and then it was confiscated. They disappeared for like 10 minutes...thought they might have been arrested. Nope, beer hunt!